What is Ice Racing?

We live in Winnipeg in the heart of Canada, the cold snowy north. It is below freezing here for at least 7 months of the year. What do you do if you are a car race aficionado and the summer race season has come to a close? You start Ice Racing!

Ice racing is fast paced racing on the sheer ice of frozen lakes or ponds. Its limited visibility, tight packs, and lots of sliding through the corners. Its racing at its finest and we love it!

There are 4 different classes:

  • X – Rubber to Ice for front or rear drive cars
  • Xa – Rubber to Ice for AWD
  • S –  Front drive studded
  • ST – Rear drive studded

All new drivers must attend a driver’s school held usually in the first week of January of each year, which consists of a classroom and open track day. This gives rookies a chance to learn the rules and get a feel for driving on sheer ice, as well as for current racers to go over any changes to the regulations.

Race Day

Grid position is determined for the first event by time trials conducted before the first race. All other races will start with the top six cars from the previous race in reverse order of their finishing position.So if you finish in 1st you will start the next race in 6th.  Why do we do that? To keep things interesting!

There is a maximum of 6 races per class that counts for points, and laps in each race are balanced to ensure all 6 races per class can be completed in a day and get equal track time. Because we are Canadian and are fair like that!

Individual points for each daily race will be based on a descending order from the first place of 9,7,5,3,2,1,.. One point shall be awarded to competitors for completing 50% or more of the race.  Classes with less than a full 6 car grid will receive a reduced point plan.  ie. A 5 car grid would be pointed 7,5,3,2,1.  A 3 car grid would be pointed 3,2,1.


Ice Racing is sanctioned by Western Canada Motorsport Association (WCMA) and ASN Canada FIA. All races are run through the Winnipeg Sports Car Club (WSCC) and are run by a team of dedicated volunteers who love racing and winter.

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